Workshop – Pulling Together to Meet the Challenge  of Invasive Species


Pulling Together to Meet the Challenge 
of Invasive Species

February 13, 2012 – Whitehorse

The 2012 workshop was meant to be interactive with an overarching goal of collaboration and cooperation amongst the multi-jurisdictions to manage the spread of invasive species. 
The goals of the workshop were to:

1. Share knowledge and information about invasive species in the Yukon; 
2. Extend the network and collaboration related to invasive species by communicating and collaborating between all level of governments, researchers, professionals and the public
3. Identify solutions to address the challenges and barriers around dealing with invasive species.

There were a total of 73 registered participants with representation from municipal, territorial, federal, and First Nation governments, non-profit organizations, farming, business, and private citizens. 

The workshop included a mix of presentations, large group discussions and small group collaboration. This provided the opportunity for people with technical expertise to share their information, allowed participants time to discuss this new information and explore opportunities for management strategies given their own area of expertise. 

The three panels focused on:
– Snap Shot on the Yukon and Our Neighbours
– Managing and Recovery
– Research

Participants identified key opportunities from each of the three panels. The key opportunities were grouped together to paint a picture of what could be possible for Invasive Species management in the Yukon. With these key opportunities in mind the participants worked in groups to develop key strategies. The final exercise for participants was to identify two key strategies that they wished to mark as a priority.

Workshop Report
read the full report  pdf – 0.7 MB


Territorial Update: What’s new and what to watch for.
Regional round-up Yukon, Northern BC, Alaska
 pdf – 3 MB
Bruce Bennett

The Yukon Invasive Species Council

pdf – 1 MB

Andrea Altherr
Weeds and Yukon Agriculture
coming soon
Matt Ball
Restoration Project at the abandoned Range Road Dumpsite and 
an unexpected outcome
 pdf – 2.3 MB
Maureen Huggard
Defining Disturbance and Recovery – the influence of landscape specific ecological responses to linear disturbances in Yukon
 pdf – 6.1 MB
Kirstie Simpson
Aquatic Invasive Species: It’s a small world after all
 pdf – 2.2 MB
Maria Leung
Plant Traits in Native and Exotic roadside species on the North Klondike Highway: Different or the same? pdf – 4.4 MB
Jamie Leathe


learn about the  speakers

Workshop Agenda
see the Agenda  here

The sponsors of the 2012 workshop were:

  • Government of Canada through the Federal Department of Environment
  • Community Development Fund – Yukon Government
  • Environmental Grant – City of Whitehorse 


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