Meesha Wittkopf, Executive Director

The Board of Directors of the Yukon Invasive Species Council is pleased to announce the appointment of Meesha Wittkopf as Executive Director, effective January 24, 2024.

Meesha is well-positioned to launch into this new role, being a long-time advocate for northern communities and a leader in collaborating with others to achieve ambitious goals. She brings her experience in the non-profit sector where she has furthered environmental and human rights  causes while strengthening networks and partnerships.

Meesha loves getting her hands dirty, and you won’t find her always in the office! Whether it be out in the field, in the garden, working on policy and advocacy campaigns or collaborating with other organizations and volunteers.

She is eager to lead the organization in preventing and managing the risk of invasive species, and looks forward to utilizing her talents to protect the Yukon. We are thrilled to have someone with Meesha’s energy, breadth of knowledge, and experience to fill this important role.


Hello everyone, my name is Naomi, one of your Digital Education Specialists! I have a Bachelor’s of Science (Agriculture) degree in Plant Science from Dalhousie University and have always been mainly interested in native and invasive Canadian plants. Being able to name and understand the diversity of plants that I saw when walking in my community was comparable to unexpectedly meeting a bunch of friends on the way to wherever I was going. Protecting the  natural diversity of Canada’s ecosystems is thus a topic near and dear to me. When I’m not outdoors, you can find me coding, gaming, baking, and writing.


I am Nicolaas Love, one of your Digital Education Specialists. I completed my Bachelor of Science in Marine and Freshwater Biology at the University of Guelph. My love of biology comes from being amongst nature, taking every opportunity to get out into the field. This work has given me the chance to explore many of Canadas distinct ecosystems, most recently having worked with aquatic invasive species in Ontario’s waterways. Aside from work I love to cook or sit down for a board game with friends. I hope I can use my experience to help create interesting and engaging resources for YISC.

YISC is always looking for qualified professionals to help achieve our mission, e.g. content creators, event planners, geomaticians, presenters. We also typically hire a part-time position during the summer (May-Sept inclusively) for instance to help with our community empowerment efforts, e.g. outreach and education. Don’t hesitate to express your interest anytime! Contact us at with a Resume and Cover Letter.
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