Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping costs us all!

Dumping waste soil, yard clippings or plant material other than at a waste receiving station can contribute to the spread of invasive species. This type of material can indeed unknowingly be contaminated with invasive plants’ seeds or parts that will flourish at their new location. Many examples have been observed around Whitehorse where illegal dumping (aka “fly tipping”) of soil was at the source of new sweet clover infestations (see picture).

Let’s route waste where it belongs

Waste receiving stations exist throughout the Territory that are meant to mitigate this type of risk and handle that type of material. Find out where to route your waste on YG’s website.

Report illegal dumping

Illegal dumping means not taking proper responsibility for our waste and is an actionable offense. More info available on YG’s website.
Signs have been installed at some known illegal dumping areas, and residents are encouraged to report illegal dumping. If you are a witness to illegal dumping, please report it to Environment Yukon’s TIPP line at 1-800-661-0525. In Whitehorse, you can also report it to Bylaw Services: phone 867-667-2111, visit the CoW’s website, or use the What Goes Where app.

Concerted efforts

Join your voice to YISC’s for lower tipping fees on waste such as soil, yard clippings and plant material, and for increased messaging to discourage illegal dumping. Like/Follow our FB page and other social media, JOIN us and become a member, subscribe to our mailing list, or contact for more information.

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