Be Plant Wise

Do you know what you are growing in your garden?

Some plants from other parts of the globe, originally introduced as garden plants, have jumped the garden fence to become invasive in the natural environment. While only a small number of introduced ornamental plants actually become invasive, choosing suitable alternatives can help prevent future spread and protect Yukon’s native biodiversity.

For alternatives to Yukon’s most unwanted horticultural plants:

Download our mini- brochure, Grow Me Instead(1.48 MB)

Or the full 32 pages brochure  Be Plant Wise(4.27 MB)

Be Plant Wise when gardening:
  • Make good choices. Purchase and grow non-invasive plants.
  • Replace existing invasive plants in your garden with non-invasive plants.
  • Remove invasive plants before they flower to prevent seed spread. Properly dispose of them by bagging in clear plastic bags for landfill disposal. Never compost.
  • Trade only plants and seeds you know are non-invasive.
  • Consider native plants. Use local suppliers only.
  • Avoid pre-packaged wildflower mixes unless contents are identified and contain only non-invasive species.
  • Use mulches and/or ground covers in open garden areas to prevent invasive plants from establishing.
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