Invasive Plants

Yukon now has over 20 invasive plants on our watchlist. Please report new sightings of the following plants. These invasive plants move in on new habitats where they never existed before. They threaten biodiversity by displacing native plants and animals.
1 - Dalmatica Toadflax

1- Utah State University,

2- Andrea Altherr
3- Ohio State Weed Lab,
4- Andrea Altherr
5- Bruce Bennett, YG
6- Stefan Gottermann, YG
7- Steve Dewey,
8- Matt Ball, YG
9- Bruce Bennett, YG
10- Stefan Gottermann, YG
11- Andrea Altherr
12- Andrea Altherr
13- Bruce Bennett, YG
14- Andrea Altherr
15- Michael Rasy,
16- Andrea Altherr
17- Andrea Altherr
18- Andrea Altherr
19- Andrea Altherr
20- Michael Shephard, USDA Forest Service,

 21- Marc Schuffert

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