Weed Pulls

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White Sweetclover  Weed Pull

Sweetclover is a biennial or occasionally an annual plant in the pea family that can grow 2 m tall but is usually less than 1 m. It rapidly colonizes gravelly well-drained soils such as roadsides, waste areas and river banks and bars.  Hand removal if sweetclover shows great success if repeated over several years.

What can you do?

  • Pull or cut plants before or when they flower (middle of July is good timing).
  • First-year plants may re-grow and can be cut again. 
  • It is not the best to cut the plant if the seeds are mature (dry), because chances of spreading the seeds are high. This worsens the problem over time.
  • Pulling or cutting will have to be repeated over a number of years to deplete the seed bank.


  • Plants which have not yet developed seeds can be pulled and left on the ground. Where they will shrivel up and die.
  • If plants have developed seeds (green or brown), cut the flower heads and put them in a garbage bag. They can be burned or brought to the landfill where the bag should be buried as fast as possible.

Contact YISC, if you like to organize a weed-pull in your neighbourhood!

A summary of 2019 activities

We had close to 100 volunteers involved in weed-pulling events. More than 200 hours were spent pulling weeds. YISC removed 3 truck loads and 59 garbage bags filled with mostly sweet-clover. Thanks to the crew of the City of Whitehorse for picking up those piles!