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Be Plant Wise

Be Plant Wise
This new brochure highlights Yukon’s most unwanted horticultural plants, along with their recommended alternatives.

pdf Grow Me Instead

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Grow Me Instead

A mini-brochure to help make the right choice for your garden.

pdf Managing Weeds and Invasive Plants

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Managing Weeds and Invasive Plants

Many of our weeds and invasive plants in Canada have been introduced as crops, ornamental garden plants, parts of seed mixtures, or were used in revegetation projects. On developed land, weeds can be a problem and can reduce the establishment of crops, productivity of fields, and increase the risk of erosion by outcompeting deeper rooted species.

pdf Why Should I Care About Invasive Species?

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Why Should I Care About Invasive Species?

32 pages, Edition 2010. A brochure to raise public awareness, to help identify invasive species and to reduce their spread.

pdf Yukon Invaders – selected species

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Yukon Invaders - selected species


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