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This section offers a variety of resources about invasive species found in the Yukon as well as information about invasive species in general.


NEW: Be Plant Wise
This new brochure highlights Yukon's most unwanted horticultural plants, along with their recommended alternatives.

I am an ORV enthusiast - why should I care?
Read here why you should

Grow me instead: A mini-brochure to help make the right choice for your garden. 2015 Brochure PDF 1.4MB

Yukon Invaders: Mini-pamphlet, edition 2016.  A pocket identification guide to help reduce the spread of invasive plants in the Yukon.
2016 Pamphlet - PDF 2.3MB

Why Should I Care About Invasive Species? Brochure,
32 pages, Edition 2010. A brochure to raise public awareness, to help identify invasive species and to reduce their spread.
2010 Brochure - PDF 1.6MB


2016 Invasive Plant Roadside Survey
Read it here

Public Invasive Species Workshop March 3, 2016
Learn everything about it

Public Invasive Species Workshop February 13, 2012
Learn everything about it

The Effect of Climate Change on Invasive Species and their Potential Impact in Whitehorse. 2011 Report - PDF 0.8MB

Results of the 2007 Invasive Plants Roadside Inventory in Yukon
2008 Report - PDF 3.3MB

Mapping Invasive Plants in Downtown Dawson City
2008 Report - PDF 0.9MB

Mapping Invasive Plants in Teslin
2015 Report - PDF 1.5MB

Research Thesis: community assembly along sub-arctic roadsides: The role of plant functional traits in native and exotic species. 2014 Report UBC 1.1MB

Map Data Link:
The data on non-native plants species in the Yukon is currently hosted by AKEPIC. Look for the link Map Data.
The Alaska Exotic Plants Information Clearinghouse (AKEPIC) is a database and mapping application that provide geospatial information for non-native plant species in Alaska and neighboring Canadian Territories.

Learn about the invasive species that may be found in your area
The "Dirty Dozen" - PDF 1.0MB

The distribution of introduced Rainbow Trout in the Upper Yukon River Basin 2013. Read more

How you can help stop the spread of aquatic invasive species.
A brochure published by the Department of Fisheries and Ocean Canada. 2009 Brochure - PDF 0.3MB

Didymo is an alga, also known as "Rock Snot". It has been found in the Yukon and Kathleen rivers, but it may be elsewhere in Yukon. Didymo can degrade fisheries and the aquatic ecosystem.
Didymo Info

The zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) is a small freshwater mussel. This species was originally native to the lakes of southern Russia.The zebra mussel has been accidentally introduced to numerous other areas, and has become an invasive species in many different countries worldwide.
Learn more

For more information on Aquatic Invasive Species of concern in the Yukon visit Environment Yukon's website.

Info Sheets:

NEW: Managing weeds and invasives plants

Be plant wise - know what you grow

Managing the spread of Invasive Species

Overview all Yukon invasives

Spotted Knapweed Info

Tufted Bird Vetch Info

Oxeye Daisy Info

Sweetclover Info

Narrowleaf Hawksbeard Info

Garden Tips


Invasive plants by taxonomy

Invasive plants by invasiveness



Email: info@yukoninvasives.com






Why should I care brochure
Roadside Inventory
Dawson City Invasive Plants Inventory
Aquatic Invaders