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Invasive plants move in on new habitats where they never existed before. They threaten biodiversity by displacing native plants and animals.


Dalmatica Toadflac Photo Credit bugwood.org Scentless Chamomille Photo Credit Richard Old xidservices.com Smooth Broome Photo Credit Ohio State Weed Lab bugwood.org
Dalmatian Toadflax - 1
Scentless Chamomille - 2
Smooth Brome - 3
Creeping Thistle Photo Credit Irina Lapina Narrowleafs Hawksbeawrd Photo Credir Bruce Bennett YG Crested Wheat Grass2 Photo Credit Stefan Gottermann YG
Creeping Thistle - 4
Narrowleaf Hawksbeard - 5
Crested Wheat Grass - 6
Quack Grass Photo Credit Steve Dewey bugwood.org Lefy Spurge Photo Credit Matt Ball YG Altei Wild Rye Photo Credit Bruce Bennett YG
Quackgrass - 7 Leafy Spurge - 8 Altai Wild Rye - 9
Lucerne Photo Credit Stefan Gottermann YG Yellow Sweetclocer Photo Credit Andrea Altherr White Sweetclover Photo Credit Andrea Altherr
Lucerne - 10 Yellow Sweetclover - 11 White Sweetclover - 12
Reed Canary Grass Photo Credit Bruce Bennett YG Perennial Sow Thistle Photo Credit Irina Lapina Spottet Knapweed Photo Credit Michael Rasy
Reed Canary Grass - 13 Perennial Sow Thistle - 14 Spotted Knapweed - 15
Bird Vetch Photo Credit Michael Rasy bugwood.org Oxeye Daisy Common Tansy Photo Credit Andrea Altherr
Bird Vetch - 16 Oxeye Daisy - 17 Common Tansy - 18
Greater Butter and Eggs Photo Credit Andrea Altherr
Greater Butter and Eggs - 19 Orange Hawkweed - 20 Tall Hawkweed - 21
In parts adapted from AKEPIC-Alaska Exotic Plant Information Clearinghouse. 2005. Invasive Plants of Alaska. Alaska Association of Conservation Districts Publication. Anchorage, Alaska.    

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For general information:
Email: info@yukoninvasives.com





Overview Yukon invasives

Invasive plants by taxonomy

Invasive plants by invasiveness

Altai Wild Rye

Bird Vetch

Common Tansy

Creeping Thistle

Crested Wheat Grass

Dalmatian Toadflax

Greater Butter and Eggs

Leavy Spurge


Narrowleaf Hawksbeard

Oxeye Daisy

Orange Hawkweed

Perennial Sow Thistle


Reed Canary Grass

Scentless Chamomille

Smooth Brome

Spotted Knapweed

Tall Hawkweed

White Sweetclover

Yellow Sweetclover


Photo Credits:
1- Utah State University, bugwood.org
2- Richard Old, xidservices.com
3- Ohio State Weed Lab, bugwoord.org
4- Irina Lapina
5- Bruce Bennett, YG
6- Stefan Gottermann, YG
7- Steve Dewey, bugwood.org
8- Matt Ball, YG
9- Bruce Bennett, YG
10- Stefan Gottermann, YG
11- Andrea Altherr
12- Andrea Altherr
13- Bruce Bennett, YG
14- Irina Lapina
15- Michael Rasy, bugwood.org
16- Michael Rasy, bugwood.org
17- Andrea Altherr
18- Andrea Altherr
19- Andrea Altherr
20- Michael Shephard, USDA Forest Service, bugwood.org
21- Marc Schuffert